Mamre Road Precinct

Mamre Road Landowners Group

Feasibility and value to the Sydney economy

The Mamre Road Precinct is within the Western Sydney Employment Area and was rezoned by State Environmental Planning Policy (Western Sydney Employment Area) 2009 in June 2020.

The Mamre Road Precinct development control plan was adopted in November 2021. It set out the planning controls to guide future development in the Precinct including building controls, road network, drainage strategy and landscaping and biodiversity controls.

Since the rezoning, development has not commenced primarily due to the lack of servicing and infrastructure capacity.

What we did

Atlas was engaged by Mamre Road Landowners Group to test the financial capacity of development to contribute to fees and charges. 

This included an extensive evaluation of the availability of industrial lands in the Greater Sydney region as well as an assessment of the value of the industrial sector.

The outcome

The work found that Sydney’s serviced industrial land has been exhausted, causing rents to escalate significantly and vacancy rates to plummet to almost zero. The work found that Sydney’s competitiveness and productivity is severely compromised.

Discussions are ongoing between the Landowners Group, industry and government stakeholders.

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