The future of our cities and regions is built on smart decisions. The projects and policies which consistently stack up over time are evidence-based, forward-thinking and grounded in reality.

We tackle complex problems to provide clarity for decision makers building our nation’s future.

Unlock the potential of your project with robust analysis, tailored insights and pragmatic advice.

Smart Decisions for Better
Long-Term Outcomes

Our deep insights and thorough economic analysis supports smart decisions by developers, investors, planning and delivery authorities and policy makers.

We tackle the complex problems for a range of professionals and consultants, including planners, urban designers and architects, project managers and development managers, infrastructure specialists and management consultants.

Economic Analysis Made Clear

Our expert team provide the critical inputs needed to carry out strategic land use planning, development and infrastructure planning so you can make the right decisions, with confidence.

The Brains Trust

Meet the senior leadership team at Atlas Economics, driving smart decision making for clients at all levels across the country.

Esther Cheong


With over 20 years driving informed decisions on land use and development both here and overseas, Esther has a deep knowledge of the various phases of land use and infrastructure planning, from early inputs and business cases to front-end real estate activities.

Esther is an Associate of the Australian Property Institute (API) with specialist certifications of Certified Practising Valuer (CPV) and Certified Property Practitioner (CPP). Esther regularly speaks at industry workshops and events and is regarded as one of Australia’s pre-eminent land economists.

“I love my job. I’m privileged to work on projects that shape how we live and work.

It could be about unlocking the potential of the last remaining brownfield site in a city, or optimising public investment in new infrastructure. I cherish opportunities to inform decisions which make our cities more useful and easier to get around, or assist in addressing some of the biggest challenges in this country. Funding infrastructure, affordable housing and how we sustainably grow- these are some of the biggest issues facing us and generations to come.

We work with long time horizons because our partners are building for the future, so they need to get it right. We understand that and understand our work needs to be thorough, so it is relevant for the long-term. We can’t take our job seriously enough, knowing our work on projects and policies have long-term implications for future generations.“

Matthew Kelly

Principal Economist

With a background in agricultural economics, Matthew is passionate about regional economic development and has extensive consulting experience in supporting the long term visions of regional and emerging economies. This comes from a unique connection to these areas. Growing up in a rural community and making his home in North Queensland, Matthew understands the challenges and aspirations of our regions better than most.

If you want to understand what it takes to build thriving communities ready for the next generation of growth beyond the major city limits, talk to Matthew.

“The work we do touches so many aspects of society, whether people realise it or not. We spend so much time analysing all the different ways things impact each other, it’s a great part of the job to see how decisions ripple out beyond a singular project to drive economic development and growth.

We’re fortunate to work with big thinkers driving real catalyst economic development projects. Seeing those developments and projects come to life and the real jobs occurring on the ground is infinitely rewarding.

It’s not just cities, either. Our work in the regions has been truly transformative. Getting the opportunity to really dig into the problems and uncovering ways to change the growth trajectory of regional towns and industries is so satisfying. Excited to see what comes next.”

Work With Us

Our team thrives in solving the problems others can’t.

We understand the scope of the decisions we advise and ensure our work meets the aspirations of our partners in shaping our cities, regions and communities of tomorrow.

The work is never easy, but it is infinitely rewarding. We solve challenges which unlock the potential of our client’s projects and shape public policy for the benefit of all Australians.

We get to work with the visionaries taking on large scale projects, city-shaping infrastructure and everything through to the abstract and immeasurable – so there’s never a dull moment.