Macquarie Park Innovation Precinct

Department of Planning and Environment

Review of land uses, development typologies and feasibility to inform masterplan

Macquarie Park is one of Australia’s largest non-CBD office markets. It is home to Macquarie University, Macquarie University Hospital, Macquarie University Incubator and numerous large international and small businesses. The area has experienced spurts of development as enabling infrastructure such as motorways and rail/metro have been provided. Much of Macquarie Park still bears the legacy of its original campus-style development and reflects distinct car-based travel.

The Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) is leading the development and finalisation of the Macquarie Park Innovation Precinct Place Strategy (the Place Strategy) in response to the Greater Sydney Commission’s assurance review of planning in relation to the Macquarie Park investigation area master plan.

The Place Strategy provides a strategic framework to guide future development in the area, including approximately 20,000 additional jobs and up to 7,650 new dwellings and supporting infrastructure including improved public and active transport. The Place Strategy intends to create opportunities to develop and enhance Macquarie Park, centred on attractive public spaces and connections within and around the area. The objective is to boost its economic capacity and see it transition into a leading 21st century place to collaborate, innovate and do business.

It is intended that the Place Strategy (and Masterplan) will form the basis for master planning and rezoning of the Stage 1 neighbourhoods.

What we did

Atlas worked within a multi-disciplinary team in developing the masterplan and rezoning package to support implementation of the Place Strategy.

The work involved investigating demand for various uses and testing development typologies, land use mixes and densities that would enable a feasible market response and deliver on the aspirations of the Place Strategy.  Atlas also tested the capacity for Affordable Housing contributions to be made alongside development.

The outcome

The Macquarie Park Innovation Precinct – Stage 1 rezoning proposal was publicly exhibited in November 2023. Atlas’ technical studies ‘Economic Impact Assessment’ and ‘Affordable Housing Contribution Scheme’ are part of the public exhibition package.