Church Street North Precinct

NSW Department of Planning and Environment

Economic Feasibility Analysis

The City of Parramatta Council prepared the Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal 2017 which was submitted to the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) for a final assessment seeking to change the planning controls that apply to the Parramatta CBD area (covering parts of Parramatta and North Parramatta). 

DPE determined that the proposed scale of buildings had the potential to adversely affect urban design outcomes and the character of several areas in the Parramatta CBD including North Parramatta. 

Preparation of the North Parramatta Place Strategy commenced in late 2022, aiming to strike a balance between growth along new transport infrastructure against urban design, amenity and character outcomes.  

In October 2023 the DPE announced a state-led rezoning of the Church Street North precinct to support investment in the Parramatta Light Rail and the need for increased housing opportunities around public transport facilities.

What we did

Atlas worked within a multi-disciplinary project team and provided guidance on various land uses, potential densities and amalgamation patterns within the Church Street North area. 

The outcome

The rezoning of the Church Street North precinct was completed in December 2023, led by NSW Government. 

The State Environmental Planning Policy Amendment (Church Street North Precinct) 2023 changes the Parramatta Local Environmental Plan 2023. The changes will apply from 1 July 2024 and allow for development and renewal of the precinct.

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