Mixed Use

Mixed use development can bring benefits for communities and developers alike.

A mix of uses makes an area more attractive and interesting to both individuals and businesses. The results can be enticing.

However, as centres increasingly accommodate a more diverse mix of uses, it is important this mix is viable and sustainable both vertically and horizontally.

As with everything in economics, getting the balance right is paramount. Some uses don’t thrive when next to each other, something which becomes painfully clear when you look out your office window at someone’s load of laundry.

Nor do many people like to work in a commercial-only district with no community, no culture, no after hours vibe. So when the balance is skewed, these precincts will become less attractive over time.

This is where a deep understanding of the ‘success factors’ of different land uses and how conflicts with other uses can arise comes into play. Atlas understands the market dynamics of mixed use precincts and what is needed to ensure they remain economically viable.

While it’s not an easy exercise, Atlas has on many occasions looked at the issues around different land uses and made recommendations to drive sustainable growth.

Our deep analysis helps understand these challenges and guides smart decisions at a site, precinct or regional level, to help build vibrant places for the long-term.