Economic Development

A better quality of life. That’s something we all want.

This places the tenets of economic development at the heart of planning and development activity. Local councils and state governments know that unlocking sustainable opportunities for employment and economic growth are the key to vibrant cities and regions.

To boost the quality of life for local communities.

So if you can’t be everything to everyone, what can local leaders do to attract the right kind of opportunities, to drive long-term sustainable growth now, and into the future?

It starts with knowing what levers are available to you. Examine the strengths and opportunities of the local environment, how they fit into a broader perspective across the region and state. Once it’s clear where you should focus and the sectors you should target for greatest impact, a defined roadmap will help identify the strategies and actions to position the local economy to attract the right kind of activity.

Knowing what will work to attract those sectors - and make them stay - is paramount. This is why Penrith City Council called on Atlas to better understand the advantages of the Local Government Area and develop a clear strategic plan to support economic development, foster greater investment and grow the jobs base in Penrith.

We advise clients just like Penrith on strategies and interventions which optimise outcomes for communities - from spending, local jobs and services to housing for a diverse range of residents.