Urban Renewal

As cities grow and economies evolve, neighbourhoods change. Whether it’s incremental renewal or large scale transformation, the objective remains the same - what will yield the best results for our communities?

Understanding how different land uses can impact an area needs to be considered, as do the types of businesses and industries who would be attracted to any revitalised precinct. How do we provide for the land and floorspace requirements of new industries whilst retaining the urban fabric of an area which makes it special?

As always in economics, balance is key. Knowing how all these different elements interact, where the ‘tension points’ often emerge and the ingredients of successful precincts is why Atlas are valued advisors in urban renewal.

No matter the scale or location, our experienced team can guide the smart decisions on existing uses and site consolidation, future land use requirements and densities needed to incentivise development. Having regard to the economic impacts resulting from change, we also provide advice on the appropriate staging of renewal.