Innovation comes in many forms. From the Stump Jump plough and the Hills Hoist to modern revolutions like wi-fi, Australia has led from the front in bringing new ideas to life.

That tradition continues with the proliferation of new work setups, with coworking spaces, incubators and accelerators popping up all over our cities and regions.

While this kind of flexibility might be good for startups to help them scale, it makes a rather complex challenge for planning authorities and developers. In a dynamic environment it is essential land use and floorspace are responsive to evolving business and household needs.

So how do we support the risk takers, the rule breakers, the job makers while still creating viable plans for the long-term?

Atlas prides itself on our ability to be forward thinking and answer these questions. Through working across multiple sectors, industries and regions, Atlas brings insights into ‘if and how’ innovation could result in both business and people using land and space differently.

We investigate emerging opportunities and floorspace requirements for innovative business hubs, including flex space, co-working space, accelerator and incubator facilities and pop-up uses. This work is not just limited to the workspace as we investigate innovative housing delivery arrangements, including mixed tenure models.