Infrastructure is built on land. As one of our most finite resources, ensuring we use land as efficiently as possible is paramount.

As crucial as the infrastructure might be, the proper integration of land use and infrastructure planning can ensure public investment is maximised.

Making sure decisions are informed with the right analysis is crucial for sustainability and ensuring they are made in the public interest.

For instance, a new train line might be a vital link between two centres, but plans must take into account the impact and opportunity from train stations, the cost of acquisition and how land uses will respond to the investment. Properly answering questions such as these ensures a robust economic assessment of new infrastructure can be made.

Atlas’ analysis of land use and property impacts to surrounding areas has helped nation-shaping and city-shaping projects.

Our unique combination of skills allows us to bring the insight to assist with planning and delivery of economic and social infrastructure, from project appraisal to precinct and land use planning and staging.