Agribusiness has always been a key economic strength of Australia and pillar of regional communities. While arable farmland will always be a fundamental necessity to the growth and basic survival of our cities, how do we balance the growing needs and uses to ensure the best possible long-term outcomes for all Australians?

Rising food costs and global supply chain issues have put further pressure on Australia being able to deliver reliable food supply for its own population, while maintaining its status as an export food bowl known for quality and safety.

Ensuring land use is optimised for future growth considering broader and long-term community outcomes is key to finding the balance of realising the real value of agribusiness and agricultural land and not priced out by other urban interests with a high capacity to pay.

Balancing the tension between different land uses, providing for critical infrastructure and urban uses while preserving important and productive agriculture land. This challenge is just one of the complex problems our team tackles so the right decisions can be made.

This challenge is just one of the complex problems our team tackle each day, analysing every consideration in agricultural land use and development so the right decisions can be made where everyone wins.

Atlas combines skills in land use, economics and specialist agriculture to provide robust project appraisal. This includes water storage and irrigation, supply chain, on- and off-farm infrastructure right through to food manufacturing and value-add for agricultural enterprise.