Namoi Regional Jobs Precinct

Regional Growth NSW Development Corporation

Policy Review, Agricultural Land Supply Assessment and Implementation Plan

The Namoi Region covers an expansive area that includes the local government areas of Gunnedah, Gwydir, Liverpool Plains, Tamworth Regional and Walcha.

The Namoi Region is a key producer of intensive agriculture, including beef, lamb and poultry. The industry is also growing rapidly driven by major macro trends including rising global demand for safe and reliable agri-food, particularly in rapidly developing markets across Asia.

The region’s has production advantages though faces competition from global producers and Australian agricultural centres seeking to tap into the market potential of agriculture.

To fully capture the potential of agricultural production in the Namoi region and its potential to support sustainable economic development for the region, a robust and forward-looking planning framework is required to maximise regional value adding and promote efficient supply chains.

Regional Job Precincts (RJPs) focus on providing planning support to help fast-track approvals to drive growth, investment and development opportunities within regional NSW.

What we are doing

Atlas is working within a multi-disciplinary team in developing the Namoi Regional Jobs Plan. This involves a detailed examination of land supply, planning policy and legislative pathways for intensive agriculture in the Namoi region, preparation of a Policy Report and Implementation Plan for the Namoi RJP.

The work involves preparing a framework that considers evolving intensive production technologies, economies of scale requirements, regional supply chain constraints, and the land, water and other production inputs required to support intensive agriculture and associated value add manufacturing/ processing activities in the Namoi region.