Australia is a country filled with property experts. Atlas sets itself apart through its ability to break down the ‘bigger picture’ issues which affect housing at the macro level, whilst having the skills and expertise to provide robust site-specific advice.

Atlas recognises adequate housing is fundamental to build thriving communities, but getting it right is one of the biggest challenges we face in our country.

It’s a key question for developers and landowners, too, to understand the type of housing which will thrive. What it will likely be worth and ultimately, who’s going to buy or occupy it? How do we provide housing which is diverse and affordable, but also viable to develop?

These complex questions require sound economic and financial analysis, combined with a thorough understanding of the principles of valuation to ensure future development and policy stands up over time.

Atlas has developed robust modelling and methodologies to break down the complexity of these issues and give clear insights to decision makers.

Atlas provides advice on the suitability of housing typologies, residential product types and mechanisms for affordable housing.